HULFT Technical Support & FAQ

Before inquiring

*Contents linked from this page might be in Japanese.

We will be answering various questions from our customers and providing useful information at the HULFT Technical Support & FAQ.
Here at the website, we will be introducing knowledge that can be used to solve your problem by yourself before inquiring, or providing any necessary information in case of inquiring.

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    To use "HULFT Technical Support & FAQ", you will need the "Serial No."of products that you have made the technical support service contract.
    To use the MY Page, you will need the "Serial No." and the "SP Code".
    About how to make the technical support service contract, please check it from purchase process page新規ウィンドウで開きます


Please access the FAQ.

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    Technical FAQ (Technical Inquiry)
  • 2
    Bug fix information (Bug fix information sorted by product)
  • 3
    Technical Documentation (Tips for using our products)
  • 4
    Basic FAQ (Non-technical Inquiry)

About how to search FAQs or specify keywords, etc., please check the tip ofhow to search FAQs or specify keywords, etc..


Please access the MY Page.

You can inquire online by using the MY Page.
About how to inquire, please check the inquiry input instruction manual at the HULFT Technical Support & FAQ.

Also for other options, you can inquire by e-mail or phone.
For details, please check it from how to inquire when using the HULFT technical support service product.

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    Currently, the MY Page can be used by "Customers who have commenced maintenance contracts directly with SAISON Information Systems" and "Customers who have commenced maintenance contracts with one of the partner companies."

About the inquiry help desk or information needed for inquiry, please check it at Question method in detail.


Please access the MY Page.

If you log into the MY Page with the same serial no., you can check the past information as inquiry history.
Because of this, you can search past cases and it will be useful in case a person in charge is replaced.

Please check the inquiry input instruction manual at the HULFT Technical Support & FAQ for details about how to use the MY Page; please check the caution upon displaying inquiry log for cautions upon displaying inquiry log.


Please access the Manual.

The document or the manual included with each product is available for download. You can check the latest one for each version.


Please access the TOOLS.

You can download the following tools for free:

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    Error Definition file


Please access the PRODUCTS.

You can check the release information of HULFT Series "By Product" or "By Month".
You can easily check information regarding what kind of function has been added and what has been improved by new product or by version/level/revision upgrade.


Please access the E-MAIL MAGAZINE.

You can check the back number of e-mail magazine that has been delivered periodically.
The following information is included:

  • Notification regarding the Version/Level/Revision Upgrade
  • Information about Problem Report, etc.
  • Release Information about New Product
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    The e-mail magazine will be delivered to an e-mail address that is registered in myHULFT Open in a new window.

Miscellaneous Caution

About the support range of the technical support service

The support service is applicable only if our product is running under the recommended operation environment.

For details, please check the information about services provided by the HULFT Technical Support & FAQ.