Purchase HULFT Products

Packaged Product Licenses

Please note the following:

  • The necessary documents for purchase differ depending on whether you will purchase downloadable products or not.
  • Subscription services are only provided as downloads and do not include physical installation media such as CD-ROMs.
  • After we receive your account application, we will send you an email with download instructions.
Downloadable Products
  • HULFT 8
  • HULFT-WebFileTransfer
  • DataSpider Servista
  • DataMagic

Purchase Procedures

  • To purchase one of our products, please contact your nearest HULFT Sales Partner
  • Please fill in the following document and send it to your HULFT Sales Partner.
    • Document: “Application Form for HULFT Family” or “Installation Environment Memorandum.”
    • Customers who purchase HULFT-WebConnect must send the “HULFT-WebConnect Service Application Form” along with the above document.
    • The delivery method of “ID Notification” can be selected in the “Application Form for HULFT Family.”
    • For details of available ID Notification delivery methods, please see the “Delivery Method of ID Notification” document.
    • A separate purchase order form may be required for some products. Please ask your HULFT Sales Partner for details.
    • For details, please see the "Documents for Purchase," which are described below on this page.
  • You will receive the following from Saison Information Systems.
    • ID Notification: Please keep it safe as it contains the necessary information for logging in to the myHULFT portal.
    • Product Media: For non-downloadable products or if you expressly requested the media.
  • Please log in to the myHULFT portal using the login details you receive in the ID Notification.
    • Visit the myHULFT Portal
    • The myHULFT portal site is exclusively available for certified users. It offers various functions such as downloading products, issuing various keys that are necessary for using products, and confirming purchased license and support related information.
  • Please login to myHULFT to confirm the serial number of the purchased product and issue a Product Key, which is necessary for installation.
    • In order to install any HULFT product, you will require its serial number and Product Key.
  • Download the purchased product.
    • Downloadable products which you have purchased can be downloaded from the myHULFT portal.
    • If you have purchased a subscription service, you can download the purchased modules from the service website.
    • A registered account is required to log in to the service website.
    • For details of account registration, please see the "Necessary Documents for Purchase Procedures," which are described below on this page.
  • Install the product.

Necessary Documents for Purchase

  • In order to purchase our products, we require that you fill in and submit the “Application Form for HULFT Family Products” or “Installation Environment Memorandum.”
  • Please submit a separate purchase order form if required. For details, please ask your HULFT Sales Partner.

Application Form for HULFT Family (Required)

When purchasing downloadable products, we require that you fill-in and submit the “Application Form for HULFT Family Products.” There are two methods for preparing the form.

  • Apply via Web Form
    • In this case, you would fill-in the necessary information in the "Application Form for HULFT Family Products" on the myHULFT Portal, download the completed form as a PDF, and submit it along with your order form.
    • If you wish to receive your ID Notification via email, please be sure to select this option on the myHULFT portal.
  • Apply Using Downloadable Excel Form
    • In this case, you would download an Excel version of the “Application Form for HULFT Family Products,” fill it in, and submit it along with your order form.
    • Download Excel Form