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Service Overview

  • This service is to deliver variety of technical information to user who has directly signed the technical support contract with us.
  • In order to start using this service, please complete the following procedure.
    1. 1
      Complete the user registration at "myHULFT"
    2. 2
      After logging into the customer account of a new email that you wish to add as the recipient, please configure one of the following settings:
      • For Customers with Unregistered License
        On the "License Registration" page,
        please register your support contracted serial no.
      • For Customers with Registered License
        On [Settings]→[Profile]
        →[Receive the HULFT/DataSpider reports via email – Available for subscribers of the HULFT Technical Support services], please set "I want in Japanese/English."
  • This service is provided to the email address used to complete the user registration at "myHULFT."
    You can access "myHULFT" from the following URL. 新規ウィンドウで開きます

  • For details about "myHULFT," please refer to "myHULFT User Guide" at the login page of "myHULFT."

  • Please follow the instructions below for how to add, change or unsubscribe HULFT/DataSpider Reports delivery destination.

We would like to notify you that "HULFT Technical Information Email," which is available to the Technical Support contractors, can now be available in English.

Description of Technical Information to be Provided

  • 1
    Notification about version and revision upgrades
  • 2
    Guidance of trouble report, etc.
  • 3
    Guidance of new product release

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