Basic Functions (Document Mapper/Variable Mapper)

In this page, a Document Mapper and a Variable Mapper are put together and described as "Mapper".
See "Basic Functions (Merge Mapper)" for details regarding Merge Mapper.
See "Document Mapper/Variable Mapper" for details regarding properties, specification limits, and notes.

What is Mapper?

Mapper is a converter for which you convert or process data from the input component and write in data to a component or assign to a variable.

Creating a Mapper

Mapper can be used in Designer canvas. How this can be created is explained in the following sections. Defining a Mapper by converting or editing data can be performed by an exclusive GUI tool.
See "Mapper editor" for details.

About temporary schema

The input and output schemas will remain in the mapper editor, even after the data flow lines are removed.This schema is called "Temporary schema".

The schema being in this state is displays as "Temporary schema" and is distinguished from a complete schemas exists with its corresponding data flow line connecting components.

Once the data flow line is restored the "Temporary schema" will become ordinal schemas.
The advantage of schemas in "Temporary schema" state is that the schema can be edited without being connected to components.

Mappers whose schemas do not become "Temporary schema" state after the removal of data flow lines are variable mappers and merge mappers. Schemas are deleted from these mappers when data flow lines are removed.

You can also set a temporary schema manually if you wish to edit it before setting a data flow.
Select [Set temporary schema] from the menu which appears when the "Input data" or "Output data" is right clicked.

Loop in Mapper

By connecting an input source element to an output destination element with a loop logic, it will be possible to process all elements under the connected elements repeatedly. The connected elements are called "repeat points".

To Create Loop

  1. Drag and drop loop logic to Mapping Canvas.

  2. Drag and map repeat points of input source and output destination to loop logic.

    For repeat points, refer to the following part "Repeat Points".

Repeat points

Specifying method of repeat points differs depending on the data models of schemas.

The difference between solid and dotted line for Mapping links

Both solid and dotted line are used as mapping links and each has different meaning from each other.

Using Variables

Component variable

Component variable are variables that can be gotten with each component. They are used to alter the succeeding processing with the results of the adapter.
Because values available differs depending on each component, refer to the help document of each adapter for details.

"Getting component variables", "store to script variable", "convert/process", etc. are available in Document Mapper and Variable Mapper.
Mapper Logic is available in "convert/process".

Script variable

Script variable are variable that holds the value temporarily in script execution. They are used to temporarily store such as the result data of adapter for using in the succeeding process.

"Exchange data with resource", "convert/process", etc. are available in Document Mapper and Variable Mapper.
Mapper Logic is available in "convert/process".

Specify ${variable name} when using in string type property of logic.Specify $$ to escape and output $ mark
Script variables of XML type are not displayed because they are not available for using in mapping.