Basic Functions (Merge Mapper)

See "Basic Functions (Document Mapper/Variable Mapper)" for details regarding Merge Mapper and Variable Mapper.
See "Merge Mapper" for details regarding properties, specification limits, and notes.

What is Merge Mapper?

Merge Mapper is a function that two or more data can be united only by the drug drop operation and the mapping definition.

Method of making Merge Mapper

Merge can be used among designers. The method of making Merge is as follows.

Setting of Merge

  1. Drag and drop merge logic to Mapping Canvas.

  2. The loop point in the input origin is done, and drag and do the mapping to the first handler of the Merge logic.

    Specifying method of repeat points differs depending on the {0}data model{/0} of input source schema.
    For repeat points, refer to the following part "Repeat Points".

  3. The element that becomes a key that the input origin merges is done, and drag and do the mapping to the second handler of the Merge logic.

  4. Similarly, do the mapping to all merged the input origins.

  5. Drag and do the mapping from the Merge logic to the loop point at the output destination.

  6. The element that outputs is done, and drag and do the mapping from two or more input origins to the output destination.

About temporary schema

The input and output schemas will remain in the mapper editor, even after the data flow lines are removed.This schema is called "Temporary schema".

The schema being in this state is displays as "Temporary schema" and is distinguished from a complete schemas exists with its corresponding data flow line connecting components.

Once the data flow line is restored the "Temporary schema" will become ordinal schemas.
The advantage of schemas in "Temporary schema" state is that the schema can be edited without being connected to components.

Mappers whose schemas do not become "Temporary schema" state after the removal of data flow lines are variable mappers and merge mappers. Schemas are deleted from these mappers when data flow lines are removed.

Also, if you want to edit the schema before setting a data flow, you can manually set a temporary schema.
Select [Set temporary schema] from the right-click menu.