Mapper Logic

Mapper Logic

Mapper Logic (hereinafter: the logic) is a function that can perform various conversion/processing such as arithmetic operation and character replacement.

Usage of Mapper Logic

Using logic

When using logic, drag and drop logic icon from the Tool Palette to the Mapping Canvas.

Example: The process of adding number "1.05" to the input data and inputting the result is as follows.

To connect mapping link

The method to connect links to input handler of logic differs depending on the type of input handlers.
The output of logic is connected by link with other logic or element of output schema.

Link to the input handler

Refer to the help of each logic for the function of each logic and information of input handlers.

Logic Settings

Properties of each logic can be set from Property setting dialog or Property inspector.

To move logic

Logic placed in mapping canvas can be moved by drag-and-drop of icon.
Mapping links are also moved when logic is mapped.

Right-click menu

Logic placed in mapping canvas can be processed as follows with the right-click menu.
The same process can be executed with menu of the Designer.
Explanation of item
Item name Description Remarks
Cut Cuts the logic icon.  
Copy Copies the logic icon.  
Delete Deletes the logic icon.  
Alignment Arrange the placement of the logic icons.
  • Align left
  • Align right
  • Align top
  • Align bottom
  • Align horizontally
  • Align vertically
  • Can only be executed when multiple icons are selected.
  • [Align horizontally] and [Align vertically] can only be executed when 3 or more icons are selected.
Paste Pastes the cut/copied logic icon.  
Properties Open the Properties setting dialog of the logic.
  • Can only be executed when one single icon is selected.
Help Open the help of logic.  

Mapper Logic Specifications

Logic Type

Logic are roughly divided into two types: "Loop" and "Convert".
Type can be determined from the chip at the upper left of the icon.

Logic Type Chip Image Palette tab name
Loop logic Chip representing loop logic Loop
Convert logic Chip representing convert logic Branch

Typically, each data divided with Loop logic are processed with Convert logic then output in order.

Data Type of Convert Logic

The type of each input/output handler of Convert logic is determined.
The type of input handler means the type of data converted during the input, while the type of output handler means the type of result data after the conversion/processing.

Typically, when the type of input data is different from that of input handler, the input data type is automatically cast to the type of input handler.
When cast(conversion) of type fails, run-time error occurs.

To avoid script stopping as the result of run-time error, check the data beforehand or enclose the Mapper components with Monitor Exception.

Type of Convert Logic

Logic palette is classified by type, and the type can be determined with the chip at the lower right of the icon.

Logic Type Internal Data Type Chip Image Chip Image
Boolean boolean Chip representing boolean type Condition
Numeric BigDecimal Chip representing numeric type Numeric
String String Chip representing string type String
Date Date Chip representing data type Date

Internal data type of Numeric logic

Numeric type handled with Mapper is processed in BigDecimal type, which can accurately represent the data including decimal point.
When numeric operation is executed to string type, the string is converted to BigDecimal type.
In case of rounding off numbers after the decimal point, use string logic "Number Formatting".

Format when each type is converted to String

Format of data types of logic or script variable mapped to strings are as follows.

Type Format of string
Date type "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZZ"
Binary type BASE64 Encoding
Numeric type / integer type / decimal type Real number style
Boolean type "True" or "false"

About the format of date, refer to "Format of date/time formatting".

When null is input

Null indicating no value existing may be input to adapter like database.
Null input to convert logic is processed as follows.
When null is output to adapters that cannot express null, null is converted to appropriate representation.
If the input schema is table model type and the output schema is XML, the null value of the input data which is mapped to the output data is treated as null even in the middle of the Mapper logic.

Refer to "Null option" for logic with null option.

Specification Limits

Common to all mappers


Common to all mappers