DataSpider Studio for Web

DataSpider Studio for Web

DataSpider Studio for Web (below as Studio for Web) is a web application available without having it installed to your PC. It offers various tools of DataSpiderServista for the service development and operation settings.
To use Studio for Web, the Microsoft Silverlight runtime needs to be installed in the OS. If not installed, by accessing to the URL of the Studio for Web from a web browser, you will be prompted to go to the Microsoft website. Please install Silverlight runtime by following the wizard.
If DataSpiderServer operation OS is Linux, it is required to launch X Window System on Linux, when you generate project/script specifications.

Supported Silverlight version

Supported Platform and Supported Web Browser

Refer to here for more information about Supported Platform and Supported Web Browser.

Recommended minimum configuration

Monitor More than 17 inch color
Color 24 bit color
Resolution More than 1280x960 pixels

Launching Studio for Web

Studio for Web runs on a web browser. If you access to the URL of the Studio for Web, a web browser automatically prompts you to download the application image and boot Studio for Web.

Below is the URL to boot Studio for Web. If you are using the Windows environment with DataSpiderServista installed, you can boot DataSpider Studio for Web by selecting it from the Start menu in Windows.

Logging in to Studio for Web

By accessing to the URL of the Studio for Web on a web browser, the below login screen appears.

Enter user name and password in the corresponding fields and click [Login] to login.
Description of items
Item name Required/Optional Description Remarks
User required Specify a user name to log in to your DataSpiderServer account.  
Password required Password to authenticate the user with DataSpiderServer.  
Language required Select the language used in Studio for Web.  

Initial password for the root user is configured during the installation process. The default password is 'password' if it was not changed.
See "User Accounts" for how your password can be changed

Start page

Start page will be displayed after successful login.
Selecting icons displayed in start page, user can access the tools that Studio for Web provides.

Provided in the left top of the screen is the following information.
"<logged in user name> <The icon to show whether the Repository DB is in use or not> "

Launching tools

By clicking the icons show below, user can access their corresponding tools Studio provides.
Description of tools
Icon Tool name Description Remarks
Create Project Creates a new project.  
Open Project Open the selected project in Designer.  
Recent Projects Projects to be opened can be selected from the list of the most recently used projects.  
Version Info Provides version information of different components available in DataSpider.  
Logout User is logged out from Studio for Web.  
Designer Used to create scripts.  
My Projects Projects to be opened can be selected from the list of the most recently used projects.  
My Triggers A list of triggers available to the logged in user is displayed in My Triggers. Triggers can also be edited and deleted.  
My Logs Using My Logs, user can view the record of script execution histories filtered by criteria specified.  
My Services Services registered with the server can be managed using My Services.  
Explorer Use to operate, refer and edit files and directories on DataSpider file system.  
Control Panel Control Panel allows users to view and manipulate DataSpiderServer system settings and controls.  
Help Launches this help document.  

Sessions in the Studio for Web

If you login to the Studio for Web and do not operate for a certain period, the session will time out in 30 minutes. The session is counted from the point you sent a request for data or a process to the server.
When the session times out, a message appears in the Studio for Web screen and goes back to the login screen.

Unsaved changes such as modification to the script will be destroyed.
If a script is still in process when it is timed out, the script execution will be continued even if a message appears to let you know the session is timeout.

If you operate below processes, a warning dialog appears. If you agree to leave the page in the warning dialog, the session will continue until its timeout. Make sure to log out to ens the session.

Automatic Saving Function in a Project

While editing a project in the designer and if you leave for a certain period of time, the project will be automatically saved in the backup area.
Automatically saving starts in 15 minutes from the time you last operate by default. You can set the time length between 10 - 25 minutes.
Settings are available from the tool menu in the Designer.

If the project is automatically saved, the system confirms you to open the saved project the next time you open it.

If you select [Yes], the project automatically saved in the backup area will open. If you select [No], the project saved in the server will open.

The automatically saved project will be deleted in the following operations (only when a project is automatically saved).

Logging out from Studio for Web

To log out from Studio for Web, click [Logout] icon in the menu.
Clicking [OK] button in the confirmation dialog will log you out.

Ending Studio for Web

Studio for Web can be ended, either by closing the browser or the browser tab to which it is opened.
Log out Studio for Web before exiting it. If you close the tab or the browser on which Studio for Web you are logging in to launches, the session remains.

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