My Triggers

My Triggers

My Triggers is a management tool to create new, changes and remove trigger
Administrators can view all triggers and users can view triggers which the users own.
My Triggers can be started from Start page.

Functions provided by My Triggers

My Triggers provide the following functions
Description of Functions
Name of functions Description Remarks
Trigger List View List all triggers Displayed when My Trigger is launched.
  • Sorted by standard unicode character order.
Create new trigger Creates an new trigger.  
Change trigger settings Modifies the settings of triggers.  
Delete trigger Deletes triggers.  
Rename trigger Renames the names of triggers.  
Copy trigger Creates the duplicate of triggers.  
Enable/Disable trigger Enables or disables the triggers.  
Executes the trigger immediately. Executes the trigger immediately.
  • This option is only available for schedule triggers.
Search trigger Search a trigger.  

Trigger List View

Description of items
Item name Description Remarks
Name Name of trigger.  
Trigger type Type of trigger.
  • See here for details regarding types of triggers.
Description Details on the condition of firing trigger.  
Service/Script The name of service and script associated with the trigger.
Type The execution type associated with the script.
Status The status of the trigger.
  • The status can be one of the following:[Waiting], [Running], [Disabled].
    To change the status of the trigger, refer to Enable/Disable trigger.
XML log output XML Log output settings.
Last executed date The date and time the trigger was last executed.  
Last execution result The result from the last trigger firing.  

Create new trigger

To create a new trigger, perform [File]-[New Trigger]-[<trigger name>] menu action.

Within the trigger settings window for the trigger selected, specify the conditions by which its associated service is executed.
See Trigger for settings for each of the triggers available.
See Restrictions on characters used in the names of the triggers for the restrictions on the usage of characters in trigger names.

Change trigger settings

To modify trigger settings, perform [File]-[Open] menu action.

Delete trigger

To delete triggers, perform [File]-[Delete] menu action.

Rename trigger

To rename triggers, perform [File]-[Rename] menu action.
See Restrictions on characters used in the names of the triggers for the restrictions on the usage of characters in trigger names.

Copy trigger

To create a duplicate of a trigger, perform the following: Triggers that have been replicated will have their names followed by numbers in parentheses.

Enable/Disable trigger

Use this function to suppress the firing of trigger for the time being until it is reactivated.

To enable or disable a trigger, perform the [Tools]-[Enable Trigger] action to copy and the [Tools]-[Disable trigger] action to paste.
Disabling the trigger currently executing its associated service will not terminate the service prematurely.

The status of the enabled and disabled trigger as depicted as below.

Execute trigger right now

This option is only available for schedule triggers.
To execute the selected trigger immediately, perform [Details]-[Execute right now] action in the left pane.
[Execute right now] may be difficult to find depending on the size of the screen used.Select the screen size if needed.

Search trigger

To search a trigger, select [Tools]-[Search trigger] menu action.
The search scope is limited to triggers accessible from My Triggers.
You can copy search results under the selected nodes to the clipboard.

Available Search Condition

You can mix and match the below conditions when searching a trigger. Results are matched to one of the conditions below.
Description of items
Search Condition Description Remarks
Using service name
  • [Contains]
  • [Equals To]
  • [Starts With]
  • [Ends With]
Search a trigger using a service that matches to the specified condition.  
Using script name Search a trigger using a script that matches to the specified condition.  
Containing trigger name Search a trigger defining a name that matches to a related condition.  
Containing keyword Fuzzy search a trigger containing the specified keyword.
  • There are some objects such as a checkbox and a list in which searching is not well performed by the displayed contents.
  • Unrelated triggers matched to internal information may be included to search results.
Property action
Item name Description Remarks
Search Search a trigger by the specified condition.
  • Do not differentiate capital and small letters.
Clear Clear search conditions and results to get back to the initial condition.  
+ Add a search condition.  
- Delete a search condition.
  • Unable to delete if only one search condition is selected.

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