DataSpider Studio

DataSpider Studio

DataSpider Studio, or simply Studio, is a dedicated IDE for developing and deploying business logics to be hosted by DataSpider.Studio is designed to maximize developer productivity and to simplify service deployment and administrative tasks.
To start developing scripts or to perform service operations, you first need launch Studio.

Launching Studio

How to start Studio is as follows .

Logging in to Studio

Enter user name and password in the corresponding fields and click [Login] to login.
Description of items
Item name Required/Optional Description Remarks
Server list required Specify the IP address or the name of DataSpiderServer host.  
User required Specify a user name to log in to your DataSpiderServer account.  
Password required Password to authenticate the user with DataSpiderServer.  
Language required Select the language for you to use in Studio
  • To change languages to use, you need to reboot Studio.

Initial password for the root user is configured during the installation process. The default password is 'password' if it was not changed.
See User Account Settings for how your password can be changed

Selecting a server to connect

Multiple server entries can be made using the pull down menu for the server connection setting.
  1. Select [Server list]-[Edit server list]

  2. "Edit server list" dialog pops up.To create a new server connection, click [Add].

  3. "Add server" dialog pops up.Fill in the appropriate dialog fields and select [Add] to register.

    Description of items
    Item name Required/Optional Description Remarks
    Destination name required Specify a string identifier for the connection  
    Hostname/IP Address required Specify DataSpiderServer hostname or IP address  
    Port number required Specify DataSpiderServer port  
    Comment optional Enter the information of the connection destination.  

Start page

Start page will be displayed after successful login.
Selecting icons displayed in start page, user can access the tools that Studio provides.

Provided in the title bar is the following information.
"DataSpider Studio - <Login user name> [<The host name of DataSpiderServer>/<The IP address of DataSpiderServer>] (<Repository DB enabled or disabled>)"
DataSpiderServer address corresponds to the connection settings specified for Studio.

Launching tools

By clicking the icons show below, user can access their corresponding tools Studio provides.
Description of tools
Icon Tool name Description Remarks
New project Creates a new project.  
Open project Open the selected project in Designer.  
My Projects Manages existing projects.  
My Triggers A list of triggers available to the logged in user is displayed in My Triggers. Triggers can also be edited and deleted.  
My Logs Using My Logs, user can view the record of script execution histories filtered by criteria specified.  
My Services Services registered with the server can be managed using My Services.  
Designer Used to create scripts.  
Explorer Used to operate, refer and edit files and directories on DataSpider file system.  
Control Panel Control Panel allows users to view and manipulate DataSpiderServer system settings and controls.  
Help Launches this help document.  

Logging out from Studio

To log off, select [Exit/logoff Studio] item from Studio menu and click [Logoff] in the dialog box appeared.

Shutting down DataSpider Studio

To shutdown, select [Exit/logoff Studio] item from Studio menu and click [Exit] in the dialog box appeared.

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