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SP code inquiry form input information

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It is possible to login with only a Product serial No. if you fogot your SP Code.
The following page can be viewed in that case.

  • [DOWNLOAD > Manuals]
  • [DOWNLOAD > Error Files]
  • [FAQ]

Input Item Details (SP Code)

Explanation about each input item

With the SP code?

Customers who purchased HULFT and made a contract of technical support services will be given a password called a SP code. A SP code is needed when:

  • Login to the customer license site
  • downloading HULFT products
  • publishing product keys
  • confirming purchase information

The Technical Support site and FAQ are available without a SP code.Customers will be asked for a SPcode to use the Web Inquery and the Web Inquery History function (My Page*).

  • My Page is currently available only for Saison Information Systems support users and part of partner support users.
Product serial NO.
Serial number of the inquiry product
Product purchase company name
The company name that purchased a product of the serial number
Contact company name
Company name of the person who fills out this form
Contact person's name
Name of the person who fills out this form
Reply e-mail address
E-mail address to receive a reply from us