Web Console is a web application available without having it installed to your PC. It offers various tools to refer or modify the settings of DataSpider Servista.

Supported Platform and Supported Web Browser

Refer to here for more information about Supported Platform and Supported Web Browser.

Launching WebConsole

WebConsole runs on a web browser. If you access to the URL of the Studio for Web, a web browse boot WebConsole.

Below is the URL to boot WebConsole If you are using the Windows environment with DataSpiderServista installed, you can boot WebConsole by selecting it from the Start menu in Windows.

Logging in to WebConsole

By accessing to the URL of WebConsole on a web browser, the below login screen appears.

Enter user name and password in the corresponding fields and click [Login] to login.
Description of items
Item name Required / Optional Description Remarks
User ID Required Specify a user name to log in to your DataSpiderServer account.  
Password Required Password to authenticate the user with DataSpiderServer.  

Initial password for the root user is configured during the installation process.The default password is 'password' if it was not changed.
See "User Accounts" for how your password can be changed

Top page

Top page will be displayed after successful login.

Launching setting tools

By clicking the menus show below, user can access their corresponding setting tools.
Description of tools
Menu name Description Remarks
Server settings Views or changes setting of DataSpiderServer system.  
Task manager Views system resource of DataSpiderServer, monitors on-going task, stops performing task.  
Version information Views version of DataSpider or module.  
User account Manages accounts such as creating user or granting authorization in DataSpider Servista.  
Environment variable Views or changes environment variables of DataSpiderServer.  
Mount settings Sets the relation between DataSpider file system and the local file system.  
Global resource Sets connection of global resources used in processing.  
Repository settings Views or changes repository settings.  
Holiday settings Sets holidays used in scheduler.  
DataSpider log settings Configure the behavior for rotating the logs files placed under the $DATASPIDER_HOME/server/logs/<date directories>  
Application log output settings Sets or changes the application log output destination.  
My logs Search logs of script execution by registering the log search condition.  

Logging out from WebConsole

To log out from WebConsole, select [logout] link in the right top of the screen.

Ending WebConsole

WebConsole can be ended, either by closing the browser or the browser tab to which it is opened.