FTP trigger

Operation name

FTP trigger

Functional Overview

FTP trigger is trigger function to execute script detecting file up-loaded to FTP server that works on DataSpiderServer.
For more information on the FTP server, Refer to "FTP server settings".

Fire image

  1. Upload file from FTP client to FTP server.

  2. FTP file upload is completed.

  3. After uploading files, FTP trigger is ignited.

  4. FTP trigger executes script.

    When trigger executes script, script can pass following information.


FTP trigger settings
Item name Content Remarks
Trigger name Enter the name of the trigger.  
FTP user name Specify FTP user name who uploads file from FTP client.
  • FTP user uses user who is managed by DataSpider Servista.About user management, refer to "User Management".
  • You can specify following other than user managed by DataSpider Servista.
    • (Not specified): and any FTP upload files to be monitored by the user.
    • anonymous: anonymous users to use, FTP server setup in [Allow anonymous login] must be checked into.
Watch file Specify file path on FTP server for monitoring target.
  • You can specify multiple file paths.
  • The file path to the FTP root directory ("/") Please enter the absolute path that starts
  • To specify a file name, wildcard ("*","?") can be use
    • Cases: /upload/*.csv
      • Monitor file up-loaded right under /upload directory and extension is "csv".
    • Cases: /upload/sales data??.xls
      • Monitor file up-loaded right under /upload directory and name starts with "sales data", and extension that continues by two characters afterwards the file of xls.
  • Constrained characters of DataSpider File System cannot be used except for path separator "/" and wildcard ("*","?").
  • Distinguishes on upper/lower cases.
  • In addition, refer to here for notes for [Watch file].
Execution content settings
Item name Content Remarks
Trigger owner Select the owner of the trigger to be created.
  • Can only be selected by users with administrator privileges.
    (Ordinary users can select themselves only.)
Execution user name Select the user to run script specified by [Script].  
Password Type the password associated with the user specified by [Execution user name].  
Service Select the script to run by trigger.
  • Project that was registered as a service displays.
Script Select the script to run by trigger.
  • Script in the service specified by [Service] displays.
Script arguments script input variables that is set in script specified by [Script] displays
Script arguments / Variable name Script variable name is displayed.
  • Can not be edited.
Script arguments / Type Script variable number type is displayed.
  • Can not be edited.
Script arguments / Value Enter a script variable value.
Execution option settings
For more information about Setting execution option, refer to "Execution option settings".

Trigger Variables

By setting a trigger variable to scripts input variable, you can use FTP trigger configuration information when running the script.

Trigger variable name Value Content Remarks
Upload file path trigger.uploadedFilePath The file path that detect the completion of upload.The file path is that of DataSpider file system.
  • Specify Example :${trigger.uploadedFilePath}
Upload file name trigger.uploadedFileName Detected file name that upload is completed.
  • Specify Example: ${trigger.uploadedFileName}
FTP user name trigger.ftpUserName FTP user name who uploaded file.
  • Specify Example: ${trigger.ftpUserName}

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