Types provide convenient runtime resource switching mechanism for the global resources used with the script.
A Global Resource created is labeled a type which is an equivalent to an identifier that represents a resource configuration which is referenced from a script should at its runtime.

Types become useful when a script need to use different connection settings for its data source access accordingly to its deployment cycle such as development, staging, and production.

Default Type

When a Global Resource is newly created it is labeled 'Default'. A data source can only be this 'Default' type when it is first created.

When working with Designer, only the 'Default' type Global Resources can be selected; other types can only be used when script is executed.
If type is not specified explicitly for the script, 'Default' type is used by default.

Type cannot be set for the data source created initially.

User Defined Type

Available types to Select from includes 'Default', 'Test', and 'Production'.
User can specify a custom types as well, but they do not appear in the pull down menu component, therefore the type identifier need to be directly entered into the field of the control which should be editable.


  1. Creating Global Resources
    A Global Resource can be created using Global Resource Settings found in the Control Panel. Global Resource Created this way is always a 'Default' type.
    For creating a Global Resource whose type is not 'Default', focus the 'Default' type Global Resource and select [Create global resource with the same name] item from the context menu that appears by right click.

    Global Resources referenced in Designer is always of 'Default' type.

  2. Runtime Type Settings
    Global Resource Type become selectable when determining with what global resource type scripts should be executed.

    Type may be selected in any of the following environments.
    For more details, please refer to each of the following page.

Usage of Types

  1. Create a Global Resource using 'Global Resource Settings' in the Control Panel

  2. Create a duplicate of the Global Resource just created with an identical name.

    Type of Global Resources predefined are the followings.
  3. Development Phase - Script Development
    The Global Resource Type selected in the adapter property is 'Default'.There is no need to Select which Global Resource Type to use during the development phase.

  4. Development Phase - Script Execution
    Use 'Option Settings' in Designer to select the Global Resource Type used at runtime

  5. Test Phase - Trigger Execution
    To use data source available for testing purposes, select 'Test' for the Type in the 'Option Settings'

  6. Production Phase - Trigger Execution
    In the production, select 'Production' for the Type in the 'Execution Options'