Generate Excel format

Logic Name

Generate Excel format


Generates and outputs Excel format/comment.

Data Types

Location Type
Logic output String
lightbulbRefer to "Logic Specifications" for details.


Category Property Description
font font name Outputs selected string as font name. If blank, font name will not be output.
font style outputs selected style.
font size Outputs size set. Valid values are whole numbers from 1 to 409.
font underline outputs selected underline.
font struck-through Outputs selected struck-through.
font Wword decoration Outputs word decoration selected.
font color Outputs selected color
border left Outputs selected border at the left of the cell.
border right Outputs selected border at the right of the cell.
border top Outputs selected border at the top of the cell.
border bottom Outputs selected border at the bottom of the cell.
fill background color Outputs selected background color.
Alignment Horizontal Outputs the selected horizontal alignment.
Alignment Indent Outputs the indent. An integer of 0-250 is available. However, values of 1- is available only if [Left (Indent)] or [Right (Indent)] is selected in [Horizontal].
Alignment Vertical Outputs the selected vertical alignment.
cell comment Cell comment Outputs selected string as cell comment. If blank, cell comment will not be output.
Comment Comment The comment will also be output to the specifications.It does not affect the conversion process.

Specification Limits

Logic Sample

Mapping Definition

Place Write operation or Write Specified Cell operaion as [Output Target], check [Specify format/comment in Mapper to write] and map to a format element of the input schema.

Logic Settings and Processing Result

Outputs data for mapping to format elements of Excel adapter.
Even though you can see the output data is string type, the format of data is internal specification and not published. Please map it as is, without modification, to format elements as described.
Property Settings
Property Setting
Font/Font Arial Black
Font/Style Italic
Font/Size 16
Font/Underline Double Underline
Font/Strikethrough Exists
Font/Effect None
Fill/Background color IVORY
Cell comment/Cell comment example
Result data(in the case of writing to an Excel book and viewing with Excel 2010)