If Loop

Logic Name

If Loop


Outputs in iteration only the data matching the condition.

Data Types

Location Type
The first input handler Loop
The second input handler Boolean
Logic output Loop
lightbulbRefer to "Logic Specifications" for details.


Category Property Description
Comment Comment The comment will also be output to the specifications.It does not affect the conversion process.

Logic Sample

Mapping Definition

Logic Settings and Processing Result

The logic extracts only the rows in input data that match the condition state name being "Tokyo", and output data.
Property Settings
Property Setting
Input Data
001,Tokyo,108,Chiyoda ku
003,Chiba,301,Chiba city
001,Tokyo,101,Bunkyo ku
002,Osaka,201,Osaka city
001,Tokyo,128,Musashino city
Output Data
108,Chiyoda ku
101,Bunkyo ku
128,Musashino city