Smart Compiler

What is Smart Compiler?

Smart compiler is a mechanism that analyzes the script contents, and automatically detects and applies the exact parts on which Parallel Stream Processing (PSP) are available.
By applying PSP, you can demonstrate the maximum of script performance.
For details on PSP, please refer to "Parallel Stream Processing".

How to Use?

By default, Smart compiler functions are validated.
Switching Valid/Invalid is available in [Tool]-[Option] in Designer menu.
For details on Menu, please refer to "Tool menu".
  1. Creating data flow
    If you validate the Smart compiler functions, determines whether PSP execution is available. Once it is available, applies PSP automatically upon creation of data flow on a script.
    The data flow applying PSP is called "PSP data flow".

  2. Executing scripts
    Executes a script, and the parts with PSP data flow is executed as PSP.
    PSP processing condition is output to XML logs.

    Displays XML logs upon script execution such as the following output example.

    Output example

    Starting executing scripts.
    ****** start csv_read processing ******
    [csv_read(script@35b45d3f)]PSP started.
    ****** start csv_write processing ******
    Extracted data within [100]row.
    Inserted data within [100]row.
    Finished [csv_read(script@35b45d3f)]PSP.
    Finished executing scripts.

How to Check the PSP Data Flow?

To check whether the script data flow is PSP data flow, select [View]-[View PSP data flow] in Designer menu.
For details on Menu, please refer to "View menu".

If you validate the View, the PSP data flow is shown with yellow thick line.

Also, when you select a component, the series of processing units from loading to writing processed with PSP will be shown with flicker.

How to Modify the Data Flow At Once?

A data flow can be modified to a PSP data flow at once from My Project, Designer, etc.
Execute this if you would like to apply PSP to the projects created in the past.
For details on My Project menu, please refer to "PSP data flow operation".
For details on Designer menu, please refer to "Project explorer".
If multiple data flows are drawn from a same component, modifying to a PSP data flow is not performed.

Manual Setting

You can manually set a PSP data flow by right-clicking a data flow.

This corresponds to the situations such as multiple data flows are already drawn from a same component, but you are not executing data by reusing conditional branches, etc.