Operation Name


Function overview

Perform Transaction processing.
Flow enclosed by Transaction starts a new transaction.(The same behavior as REQUIRES_NEW)

Refer to here for more information on transaction.

Transaction Structure

Icon Name Description
Transaction The start of the transaction.
End Transaction The end of the transaction.


For information about using variables, refer to "variables".
Basic settings
Item name Required/Optional Use of Variables Description Remarks
Name Required Not available Enter the name on the script canvas.  
Item name Required/Optional Use of Variables Description Remarks
Comment Optional Not available You can write a short description of this adapter.
The description will be reflected in the specifications.

PSP Usage

PSP is not supported.

Specification Limits

Main exceptions




Creates a script to rollback writing to CSV when "Launch External Application" fails using Transaction.
  1. Create script as follows.

  2. Open the property settings dialog of the CSV Output operation and check the [Execute transaction processing] in the [Transaction] tab.

  3. Make the Launch External Application operation to fail on purpose.

  4. Use mapper to map as follows.

  5. In this sample script, whether Transaction performs correctly can be checked by the contents of CSV file and execution log.