Conditional Branch

Operation Name

Conditional Branch

Function overview

Performs the Conditional Branch.

Conditional Branch structure

Icon Name Description
Conditional Branch Conditional Branch starts.
Condition Set the condition.
Multiple [Condition] can be created in on Conditional Branch process.
End Conditional Branch Conditional Branch ends.


For information about using variables, refer to "variables".
Basic settings
Item name Required/Optional Use of Variables Description Remarks
Name Required Not available Enter the name on the script canvas.  
Required settings
Item name Required/Optional Use of Variables Description Remarks
Condition list Optional - Specify the condition of Conditional Branch.

Each column can be operated with the following buttons.
  • [Add]:
    Add a condition.
  • [Up]:
    Move the order of the selected condition upwards by one.
  • [Down]:
    Move the order of the selected condition downwards by one.
  • [Delete]:
    Delete the condition.
  • The maximum [Condition list / Condition] allowed is "253".
  • Refer to here to find more here about the priority order.
Condition list / Condition Optional Not available Specifies the condition.

Specified variable can be compared with fixed value or variable.
  • Types of Condition
    • [Compare with variable and fixed value]: (default)
      Select when compared with variable and fixed value.
    • [Compare between variable and variable]:
      Select when compared with variable and variable.
  • Contents of condition
    Content can be specified as a condition depending on the type of selected variables as follows.
    • Integer/decimal type variables
      • [equal to]:
      • [not equal to]:
      • [less than]:
      • [greater than]:
      • [no less than]:
      • [no more than]:
    • String type variables
      • [equal to]:
      • [not equal ]:
      • [start with]:
      • [not start with]:
      • [end with]:
      • [not end with]:
      • [contain]:
      • [not contain]:
    • Boolean type variables
      • [equal to]:
      • [Not equal to]:
  • Type of variables that can be specified to Conditional Branch.
    • Integer type
    • Decimal type
    • String type
    • Boolean type
  • Depending on the type of the variable specified on the left side of the predicate, the right side will only display the values that are comparable with it.
Condition expression Optional Not available Condition expression is performed as a format of string specified by [Condition].  
Property Action
Item name Description Remarks
[and] / [or] Select [and] or [or].  
Edit parentheses Use parentheses to specify the priority of the conditions.
  • Makes sure that parentheses used are balanced properly.
Item name Required/Optional Use of Variables Description Remarks
Comment Optional Not available You can write a short description of this adapter.
The description will be reflected in the specifications.

PSP Usage

PSP is not supported.

Priorities of the conditions

Priority of the conditions are as follows.

Conditional Branch operation

Create Conditional Branch

Draw the process flow from [Condition] to the process performed when it matches with the condition.

Add Conditional Branch

Select [Add condition] from right click menu of [Start Conditional Branch].
The maximum [Condition] icons allowed to be added is 98.

Change of the determination order of conditions

Select [Move up determination order] or [Move down determination order] from the right click menu of [Condition] to change the determination order of conditions. The number on [Condition] is the determination order of conditions.

When not match the condition

If not match with the condition set in [Condition], the process drawn from [Conditional Branch] will be performed.
If there is no subsequent process, moves to [Conditional Branch].

In the example above, if not match with the condition, wait process will not be performed while log output process will be performed.

Specification Limits

Main exceptions




Uses Conditional Branch to create a script that executes "Launch External Application" only when the number of seconds in script execution time is even number.
  1. Create script as follows.

  2. Create integer script variable "var".

  3. Use mapper to map as follows.

  4. Set Conditional Branch as follows.

  5. Checks the execution from the debug information and execution log.

    Debug information and execution log Script execution time in seconds Whether the batch is launched
    Even YES
    Odd NO