Data Integration Platform, DataSpider Servista Ranked
No. 1 in Overall Customer Satisfaction Record
for the Fifth Consecutive Year
According to Nikkei BP Consulting’s Data Integration Survey

 SAISON INFORMATION SYSTEMS CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuhiro Uchida; hereafter “SAISON INFORMATION SYSTEMS”) announced that data integration platform, DataSpider Servista was ranked No. 1 in overall customer satisfaction record for the fifth consecutive year according to Data Integration Survey conducted by Nikkei BP Consulting Inc.
 We believe that this result could be achieved thanks to our customers’great support to our products and services for many years in the past. We would like to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to our customers.

Summary of the survey result was published by Nikkei BP Consulting Inc. in the following article.

Introduction rate of data integration tool increased to 22.7% and more than 40% including under review of introduction

Data Integration Survey according to Nikkei BP Consulting

The article describes that with the enhanced utilization of big data, IoT (Internet of Things) and artificial intelligence (AI), data integration tools have gained attention. It also introduces that companies introducing RPA are starting to use EAI as a backward tool for converting and consolidating data formats distributed inside the company.

SAISON INFORMATION SYSTEMS will continuously improve the products and services for the digital transformation era. We look forward to serving you with DataSpider Servista and connecting technology for the many years to come.