Excel File Workflow Automation

Maximizing Spreadsheet Productivity Without Coding

The Advantages of Excel Automation

Excel is the world's favorite way to store, organize, and manipulate data. However, it has its limits.

The Excel Predicament of SMEs

SMEs often lack the budgets or system integration expertise to streamline and automate their internal flows of information and data. Instead, different departments manage data using Excel. While Excel is an easy-to-use and affordable option, when comes to the organization’s need to continuously sync, reconcile, and analyze data from different Excel files, problems and inefficiencies occur due to the manual processes. This often results in missed opportunities and challenges caused by the inevitable human error or data that is no longer relevant by the time it reaches its destination.

Excel is not always easy-to-use, and it can be time and resource intensive to integrate with other systems and applications. The traditional way to automate tasks in Excel requires expertise in Visual Basic for Excel Macros.

Modern working environments data to be constantly transferred between applications. Migrating and integrating data into platforms can be challenging, even when they can import and export files. Information can get mixed up or lost in the process, wasting precious time by forcing you to repeat steps every time you want to sync the data.

Solution Provided by “DataSpider Mini for Excel”

DataSpider Mini for Excel allows users to create processing flows called scripts in a GUI development and configuration window called DataSpider Studio. DataSpider imports various data from Excel files. The imported data is then converted and processed with standard operations such as structure transformation, filtering, mapping, integration, and calculations. This script is registered as a service and can be utilized by executing the necessary application and process. The result is increased operational efficiency, fewer errors, and, in many cases, greater visibility for executives on the course of their business.

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