Amazon Kinesis trigger

Operation Name

Amazon Kinesis trigger

Function Overview

Amazon Kinesis trigger surveillants Amazon Kinesis Stream, and it is trigger function that it receives data record which is added at Amazon Kinesis Stream and executes script.
Amazon Kinesis trigger uses Kinesis Client Library(KCL). Action and specification limits of trigger apply KCL.
For more details, refer to "Development of Amazon Kinesis Consumer which uses Amazon Kinesis Client Library"(
For IAM authority Amazon Kinesis trigger needs, refer to "Amazon Web Services Adopter IAM authority" - "Amazon Kinesis trigger".

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Amazon Kinesis trigger settings
Item name Contents Remarks
Trigger name Enter trigger name.  
Access Key ID Enter Access Key ID.  
Secret Access Key Enter Secret Access Key.  
Region Select region.
  • [US East (N. Virginia)]:(default)
  • [US West (N. California)]
  • [US West (Oregon)]
  • [EU (Ireland)]
  • [EU (Frankfurt)]
  • [Asia Pacific (Singapore)]
  • [Asia Pacific (Sydney)]
  • [Asia Pacific (Tokyo)]
Stream name Enter stream name which is a target of watching observation.  
Kinesis application name Enter Kinesis application name.
  • Creates Amazon DynamoDB Table at specified Kinesis application name, and manages acquisition situation of data record when making trigger.
Shard iterator type Select shard iterator type.
  • [LATEST]:(default)
    Read from latest data record in shard.
    Read from the oldest data record in shard.
Encode Enter or select encode.

When encode is entered,specify encode supported by Java SE Runtime Environment 8.
For more details, refer to "Supported Encodings"(
  • Default value is "UTF-8".
Polling interval Enter stream interval of surveillance in milli-second unit.
  • Default value is "1000".
  • Default value is applied if omitted, "0" is entered, or iniquitous value is entered.
  • Specify value less than "300000", if you select [LATEST] in [Shard iterator type].
Executing contents settings
Item name Contents Remarks
Owner of trigger Selects creating owner of trigger.
  • Only user who have authority of administrator can select.
    (General user cannot select except for themselves.)
Executing user name Select user who execute script specified in [Script].  
Password Enter password corresponded with user specified in [Executing user name].  
Service Select service included in script which executes at trigger.
  • Project registered as service is shown.
Script select script which executes at trigger.
  • Script in service specified in [Service]is shown.
Script argument Script input variable set in script specified in [Script] is shown.
  • Script output variable is not shown.
  • For more details about how to use and set Script input variable in Script, refer to "about input/output variable".
Script argument/valiable name Script variable name is shown.
  • It cannot be edited.
Script argument/tipe Type of script variable is shown.
  • It cannot be edited.
Script argument/value Value of script variable is entered.
Executing option settings
For more details about executing option settings,refer to "Executing option settings".

trigger variables

Data record received from Amazon Kinesis Stream can be used when executing script by setting trigger variables in script input variables.

Trigger variable name Value Contents Remarks
Input data trigger.inputData Data record received from Amazon Kinesis Stream
  • Example of specification:${trigger.inputData}
  • Input variable which can set value is only XML type.
  • For more details about input data schema, refer to "Input data schema".

Input data schema

Data model of Input data schema is XML type.
Schema is as follows.
<?xml version="1.0"?>
      <partitionKey>partition key</partitionKey>
      <sequenceNumber>sequence number</sequenceNumber>
Component name Property name Description Remarks
root -    
shardId - Shard ID read data record is output.  
records -    
record -    
partitionKey - Partition key of data record is output.  
sequenceNumber - Sequence number of data record is output.  
data - Data of data record is output. Decode [Encode]value.

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