Import of certificate

For SSL communication between DataSpiderServer and each components, private key and certificate created by certificate authority (CA) need to be placed in MySQL, and certificate need to be imported to the keystore that DataSpiderServer refers to.
The procedures are explained as follows.

Location of the executable file of keytool

Import Keystore

It is the procedure to import certificate file into the keystore using keytool.
  1. Place certificate file on the OS which DataSpiderServer run.

  2. Stop DataSpiderServer,

  3. Start Command project (shell in case of UNIX/Linux version), then start of registration certificate by running the following command.

    keytool -importcert -alias <Alias name> -noprompt -trustcacerts -file <File path of certificate> -keystore "$DATASPIDER_HOME/jre/lib/security/cacerts"

  4. Enter a password for the keystore.
    The initial password for the keystore is "changeit". If you do not change the password, please input the following: <password> is "changeit".

    Input the password of the key store:  {0}changeit{/0}

  5. Once successfully registered, the following message is displayed.

    Certificate was added to keystore.

  6. Start DataSpiderServer.

Download certificate using Internet Explorer

Steps to download certificate from the Windows Internet Options are as follows.
  1. View Internet Options
    In Internet Explorer, click Tools - Internet Options will display.

  2. View the Content tab
    Select the Content tab.

  3. View Certificate
    Click Certificates button.

  4. Viewing the Trusted Root Certification Authorities
    Select certificates tab.

  5. Export the Root Certification Authority
    Select the root certification authority, click Export button.
    Then Certificate Export starts.

  6. Select Export Format
    Select the file format when exporting the certificate. Here DER format is selected.

  7. Specify where to save the exported file
    Specifies where to save the certificate to exportIn this case, saved as "C:\root.cer" .