Logic Name



Joins the input strings together.

Data Types

Location Type
The first input handler String
The second input handler String
Logic output String
lightbulbRefer to "Logic Specifications" for details.


Category Property Description
Required Input count Specify the Input count as 2 or more.
Null processing Null option Specify how to handle the input if it contains null.
Comment Comment The comment will also be output to the specifications.It does not affect the conversion process.

Null option

Option Description
Determine/calculate while remaining null value Outputs null if all the values of input handlers are null, otherwise excludes the null values and continue with the process.
Output null if either of input handler is null Outputs null if the value of any input handler is null.
lightbulbRefer to "Logic Specifications" for details.

Function Details

Input count

Enter 2 or a larger number as [Input count].According to the value of [Input count], The number of input handlers will change.
lightbulb The recommended maximum value for [Input count] is 100. To consolidate over 100 strings, please use several integration logics.

Logic Sample

Mapping Definition


Logic Settings and Processing Result

The logic joins the first column "State", the second column "City" and the third column "House number" of the input data, and outputs data.
Property Settings
Property Setting
Input count 3
Input Data
Tokyo,Chiyoda ku,1-1-1
Chiba,Chiba City,2-2-2
Tokyo,Bunkyo ku,3-3-3
Osaka,Osaka City,4-4-4
Tokyo,Musashino City,5-5-5
Result Data
TokyoChiyoda ku1-1-1
ChibaChiba City2-2-2
TokyoBunkyo ku3-3-3
OsakaOsaka City4-4-4
TokyoMusashino City5-5-5