Layer is a function which allows you to make a mapping canvas into multiple layers in one mapper so that you can define the mapping independently. When executing a process, the layered mapping can be handled as one mapping.
If too many Mapper logics are placed or mass node mapping is performed, it may cause information overload in a screen and lower the visiblity.
In this situation, it is recommended to raise the visiblity by sorting out conversion processes by layers or dividing the mapping link.
Only the "Basic" layer is available by default. You can create new layers as well.

To Create Layer

Open the right-click menu at the bottom of the Mapping Canvas where shows no layer tab, and select [Add layer].

Layer Name Settings

Explanation of item
Item name Description Remarks
Layer name Enter layer name.  

To Rename Layer

Right-click the layer tab of the layer to rename and select [Edit layer name].

To Delete Layer

Right-click the layer tab of the layer to delete and select [Delete layer].
By deleting a layer, Mapper links and logics set to the layer are automatically deleted together.