Excel Write Wizard Operation Guide

Excel Write Wizard

Excel Write Wizard is the function to set writing of Write operation by simply dragging Microsoft Office Excel(hereafter, Excel application).

Excel Read Wizard Setting Screen Properties

Item name Description Remarks
Sheet name The name of the selected sheet.
The sheet shown in Excel application changes when the sheet name on the setting screen of "Excel Read Wizard" is modified.
Writing starting cell Write range selection
  • Cannot enter directly.
Column list Column name/format setting/type selected in "Select writing range" is shown.
Selected column name is shown after "Get column name".
  • Refer to Write for details of each item.
Get column name "Get column name" dialog appears.
  • During the initial display, it is invalid.
  • It is shown after reading range is selected.
Select "Select range of reading" dialog box appears.  
Cancel "Excel Read Wizard" dialog closes.
  • Excel application will not be closed by pressing [Cancel] button.
Finish Close [Excel Write Wizard] setting screen and Excel application to reflect the setting items on the properties of Write.
  • During the initial display, it is invalid.
  • It is shown after reading range is selected.

Excel Write Wizard Operation

Start Excel Write Wizard

  1. From the properties of Write, press [Start Excel Wizard].

  2. Designer shows "Start Excel Wizard" dialog box.

  3. Excel file selected in [File] is shown read-only, and "Excel Write Wizard" setting screen starts.

Select writing range is displayed in the selected cell address to start writing.

  1. Press [Select] button.

  2. "Excel Write Wizard" setting screen is closed, "Select writing range" dialog appears.

  3. Drag columns to select a range to write on the cells, and press the [OK] button.
    Because rows to write depends on input data, range of row can not be specified.

  4. "Select write range" dialog box closes, "Excel Write Wizard" setting screen appears.
    In order to reflect the selected Writing starting cell and column to write to, the follows are being set.

    Item name Setting value
    Writing starting cell The starting cell of the selected reading range
    Column list / Column name The value of the first row in the selected reading range
    Column list / Format [Use the format in the destination]
    Column list / Type The format of the cells in the first row of the selected reading range
    Column list / Format Empty string

  5. The setting items are reflected to the properties in Write after pressing [Finish] button.

Get column name

To change the column names in bulk, do as the following.
  1. Press the [Get column name] button.

  2. "Excel Read Wizard" setting screen is closed, "Get column name" dialog appears.

  3. Drag to select the row to use as column name on the cells and press [OK] button.
    Column name can be specified by one row of cells that has the same column number with the selected range in [Select range of reading] dialog.

  4. "Get column name" dialog box closes and "Excel Read Wizard" setting screen appears.
    Column name selected in [Column name] of [Column list] is set.

  5. Press [Finish] button, and the settings will be reflected in the properties of Read From Sheet.

Edit writing column

To change the settings of each column name/format/type, please do as the following.
  1. Focus to the item to edit in [Column list] and double click.

  2. "Edit reading column" dialog appears.

  3. Press [OK] button to close the screen and reflect the editing result to [Column list] in the "Excel Read Wizard" settings screen.

End Excel Write Wizard

To complete the wizard settings

  1. Press [Finish] button.

  2. Excel Write Wizard and "Start Excel Wizard" dialog box of Designer is closed, and the settings by wizard are reflected to properties in Write.

To cancel the wizard settings

  1. Press [Cancel] button to close the Excel Read Wizard.

  2. Close the Excel application to close "Start Excel Wizard" dialog.
When pressing the [x] button "Start Excel Wizard" dialog of Designer, "End Excel Wizard" dialog box appears.
Press [OK] button or [x] button in "End Excel Wizard" dialog box and the dialog and Excel Wizard are closed.

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