Table Information

Operation Name

Show Table Information

Function Overview

View the table structure information and data.


Select table
Item name Description Remarks
Table name Select the table to show information.  
Table structure
Shows the structure information of the specified table.
Item name Description Remarks
Name Column name  
Type Displays type
  • Shows Native type specific for each RDBMS.
Allow Null Specifies whether to allow null.
  • [YES]:
    Null is allowed.
  • [NO]:
    Null is disallowed.
Size Displays the length.  
Precision Displays the number of digits of precision.  
Number of decimal places Displays the number of decimal places.  
Table contents
Displays the contents of the registered data for the specified table.
Item name Description Remarks
<Column name> Displays the column name.
  • The column name of the specified table is shown in [<Column name>].
  • Shows as the number of the columns of the specified table.

Specification Limits


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