Environment Settings

Settings upon Maximum Connections to Database

This adapter uses RDE UDK.
Therefore, in order to output report in this adapter, maximum connections to the database used in Report Director Enterprise server needs to be changed.
Change maximum connections to database, which is used in Report Director Enterprise server, to the count of connections that can use RDE UDK.
For details, refer to Report Director Enterprise user's manual "Change the maximum connections to database".

Settings upon Remote Connection

When connecting to Report Director Enterprise server on the OS different from OS that DataSpiderServer operates, settings to enable connection from different environment is required within database using Report Director Enterprise server.
Perform settings with the following order.

Setting procedure

  1. Open <Report Director Enterprise install directory >/rdjava/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf with text editor.
    If data directory of database is edited, pg_hba.conf will be under the changed directory.

  2. Add the following description to pg_hba.conf.
    Adding example:
    host all all trust

  3. Save the edition of pg_hba.conf.

  4. Restart the service of database using in Report Director Enterprise server.

Restriction of Multiple Login

If restriction of user's multiple login setting is performed in Report Director Enterprise, error may occur due to the multiple login.

Examples when Multiple Login occurs: In the above list, all "user" indicates users of Report Director Enterprise, not users of DataSpider.

In these cases, cancel multiple login restriction with Report Director Enterprise.
For details, refer to the following item of user's manual in Report Director Enterprise.

VersionItem name
Report Director Enterprise 8.2Security settings
Report Director Enterprise 9.1Security settings
Report Director Enterprise 9.2Security settings related to user